Tax Consulting Services

Tax Consulting Services

Delinquent US Tax Returns

Failure to file could have adverse consequences due to various statutes of limitations, even where foreign earned income could have been fully excluded, not to mention potential interest and penalty charges.  Seriously delinquent tax debts may also result in the revocation or denial for renewal of US passports.  We help expatriates who have delinquent US tax returns get back into compliance while mitigating tax and penalty exposures through tax compliance programs such as Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures and Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program.

Renouncing Green Card or US Citizenship

Individuals renouncing green card or US citizenship should be aware of the relevant tax regulations and ensure that the prescribed procedures are followed in order to mitigate unnecessary tax exposures.  Our advisory and compliance services help clients plan their renunciation and meet the relevant US tax compliance requirements.

Foreign Entity Classification

We help clients understand U.S. tax rules applicable to foreign entity classification and the considerations necessary for making an informed decision that could impact not only how income from these foreign entities may be subject to tax but also how the relevant filing requirements must be fulfilled.

Net Take Home Pay Comparison

Net take home pay comparison analyzes compensation of cross-border hires before and after relocation, to complement compensation benchmarking as well as to provide additional context for HR and hiring managers to calibrate packages and position offer discussions with candidates.  Individual employees may also utilize this service to assess the financial viability of offers received.

International Compensation Planning

International compensation planning helps mitigate tax exposure with respect to assignments and permanent relocation through structure of employment (and secondment), tax-effective compensation packages, finance and accounting configurations, and other means.

Assignment Cost Projection

Assignment cost projection services provide initial estimate and/or periodic updates of assignment and relocation costs for employer’s management approval, finance accrual, and periodic adjustment.

Assignment Tax Consultation

Assignment tax consultation services help employees understand tax implications of their relocation and assignments (including state tax residency), compliance process, potential pitfalls, and planning opportunities available.

Expatriate Tax Policy Consulting

Expatriate tax policy consulting services help employers benchmark, develop, update, and implement customized policies using tax equalization, tax protection, and tax gross up schemes to facilitate successful deployment of their candidates of choice by eliminating tax differential as a potential financial consideration for assignment acceptance regardless of geographical location while keeping assignments cost effective.

Expatriate Payroll Consulting

Expatriate payroll consulting services help employers establish expatriate payroll systems that drive efficiency and mitigate compliance risks by addressing HR, payroll, finance, and accounting processes holistically as well as diagnosing current system for potential gaps and enhancements.

Global Mobility Technical Training

Global mobility technical training helps HR, business, and functional leaders understand technical subject matters and considerations, which are critical not only to the effective operation of global mobility programs but also compliance at both corporate and individual levels. Breadth and depth of the contents may be customized to cover a range of topics, including expatriate taxation, tax equalization and tax protection, international compensation, payroll reporting, policy and process design, as well as related finance and accounting issues.

Global Mobility Consulting

Global mobility consulting services provide both advisory and operational support to SME clients looking for bespoke solutions in global mobility, international HR, and compensation to help them establish and strengthen global mobility programs as an integrated HR strategy, set up businesses in new markets, and manage various cross-border HR transactions. With decades of experience working with enterprises of all sizes at different stages of development, we have the know-how and an expansive toolbox that could help you tailor a strategically-aligned solution that is forward-looking, scalable, and cost effective. Please visit our website at or contact us for more details.